Pros and Cons of Making Your Own Guitar

If you like playing the guitar, then you might have come across the thought of building your own guitar. I did this weekend when I was checking out a DIY woodworking blog. This will be an awesome project to work on and can provide you with the learning experience.

If you are thinking about a DIY guitar, then I present to you some of the pros and cons you need to consider before trying out such a cool project:

Pros of Making Your Own Guitar

It is definitely not an easy project, however, most musicians and luthier beginners believe that the benefits outweigh the challenges


  • Customization


Building your own guitars allows you to specify every element from the tailpiece to the tuners. Every design and component element is up to you. From the wiring and pickups to the woods and its body shape— your DIY guitar will be one-of-a-kind- an instrument that will be the centerpiece of your guitar collection.


  • Rewarding Hobby


Once you get to it, building guitars can be a great hobby. Your first DIY guitar might be challenging than you have bargained for. You keep on making mistakes, frustrations never leaves you and sometimes you might need to start all over again on some steps. After building your first guitar, however, it all gets easier and you feel more rewarding after building more.


  • Learning Experience


When you start from scratch and go through the entire process of building and designing a guitar, you get to learn a lot about guitars. Every element can affect the playability and final sound and this can provide you with more understanding that can make you a better player.

Cons of Making Your Own Guitar

Building and designing your own guitar is full of challenges. However, these challenges can be less daunting if you already know what to expect.


  • Cost


If you think that you will be saving more money if you build your own guitar, then you are wrong. You will probably be relieved of that notion before you even begin. Hardware, electronics, and wood all add up and you will likely need to invest in new tools.


  • Learning Curve


Do not expect to build a masterpiece right out of the box. Your first guitar build can contain countless small details that can be easily overlooked. Errors will always appear and the can be frustrating as well as costly.


  • Time


A DIY guitar is not an afternoon project in which you can finish it all before bedtime. It requires a lot, LOT of patience. Looking and acquiring parts can take time. Cutting, routing, drilling, gluing and sanding takes a lot of time and effort as well. Wood stains and paint take time to apply and dry, and you will need multiple coats.

How to Pick a Musical Instrument to Learn and Enjoy

Most people, particularly those who love acoustic and instrumental music, want to learn to play musical instruments but are often confused where to start. Of course, before you can learn a musical instrument, you need to actually pick an instrument first. And with so many instruments to choose from, choosing one can feel overwhelming.

So, if you are stuck in this kind of situation, here are some questions you should ask yourself in order for you to determine the right musical instrument for you.


  • What kind of music do you like?


Let’s start with the basic. Ask yourself what kind of music you always listen to. Do you love listening to classical pieces? Then playing the piano or violin is a good option. If you prefer acoustic folk music, then acoustic guitars or drums might be a good choice. Once you have the instrument picked out, research the best choice for your budget. For example, if you want to play digital piano, check out a digital piano buyers guide at a review website like this one at


  • What are your physical limitations?


If you have a small size like that of a middle-school student, then a trombone or tuba is not good for you. Instead, you can try a cornet or trumpet. If you really can’t lift heavy things then do not even try to play upright bass. Have problems with your elbow? Trombone will not easy to play. If you have a great lung capacity, then saxophone or any other wind instrument would be a fit for you.

However, always remember that if you really love to play something that contradicts your physicality, you can always surpass such challenges but you need to be ready for some adversity along the way.


  • Do you want to read music?


If you wish to play any Western Classical Music, then you need to learn how to read music, particularly on which clef accompanies your instrument of choice. In general, jazz players need to learn how to read music since it can look a little different than classical sheet music. Also, there are international music traditions that have different styles of written music. If you are not into this, most genres of folk music do not require any written notations.


  • What is your budget?


Musical instruments can be bought in different price ranges, some are budget-friendly while others can really be overwhelming. For instance, a perfectly good tin whistle can cost you 12 bucks. On the other hand, a decent loud is hard to find and will really give your wallet a hard time since they cost more than a few hundred bucks and are very complicated to manufacture so they are usually imported.


  • Do you wish to sing and play at the same time?


Do you have the voice that makes other people swoon? If so, maybe you wish to play and sing at the same time? Then you might want to consider playing a guitar or piano. These 2 instruments provide a range and fullness of sound that accompanies a human voice really well. This is why these two are the most popular accompanying instruments for most singers.

Top 5 music trends to watch for this year

The music industry has evolved over the years. We have seen different genres of music, new artists with unique styles, new instruments, and new ways of recording and releasing music.This year you will expect the following trends in the music industry.

Unconventional ways of releasing and marketing music

Music is now released in many unconventional ways and the trend will continue this year. Artists don’t only depend on the record companies anymore. Artists are now releasing music on YouTube channels or iTunes. Taylor Swift has recently promoted her album by having her picture on pizza boxes. This kind of innovative promotional approach is expected this year.

The emergence of young pop artists

Pop songs are for the youthful genre. But now we are getting very young pop singers who are as young as 14 years old. Artists like Lemon Twigs, Dave, and Declan McKenna have become pop artists at a very young age and this trend will continue.

Purchase of records will increase

This year you will notice people buying records and listening to the songs of their favorite classic singers. Though most people download music, the sell of vinyl is expected to rise to this year.

The popularity of Latin music

The song ‘Despacito’ had taken the music industry by storm recently, making Latin music very popular. DJ Khaled’s ‘Wild Thought’, Camila Cabello’s ‘Havana’ also has Latin musical styles. We can expect more music from Latin root this year.

The revival of boy bands

There was a time when boy bands were very popular, like the ‘Backstreet Boys’, ‘N Sync’, etc. This year you will notice the revival of boy bands.

These trends indicate that the music industry is changing. The competition will be more and the artists have to come up with innovative strategies to record and promote their music.

5 reasons why country music is still so popular today

Country music reminds us of the old times. Many people think that it’s not trendy; however, singers like Taylor Swift have proven that country music is still popular. Here are the main reasons for its popularity.

The words

Country music has nice and beautiful words. No slangs or violent words are used, like in rap songs or other music. So, people of all ages can listen to it. Though some country singers talk about ‘sex’ in their songs,  it’s presented in a very decent way.  Country music mostly talks about the good things in life.

The songs are about various topics

Country music is not only about love and romance. Some songs are written on wars, losing loved ones, and a variety of topics. So, you will not get bored listening to these songs.

The songs portray emotions

The songs portray happiness or sadness. The lyrics are very strong and it touches the soul. Some of the songs are like a story. The lyrics are meaningful and they are backed by wonderful instruments.

The concerts are great

The country music concerts are always full of life. The country music artists are very humble and they try to connect with the audiences with their songs. The instrumentation is awesome and people love the environment.

The artists are talented

Country music artists are very talented. They focus on their songs and singing skills. Unlike other genres of music, heavy instrumentation cannot hide their real voice.

No matter whether you are in a good mood or a bad one, country music will make you happy. Country music reminds us of life and all the emotions surrounding it. That’s why country music is yet so popular.

Top 4 myths about the music industry

Making music has become very easy as things needed to record music is now readily available. Independent artists can write a song, record the song and promote it online. You will see many new musicians are becoming very successful this way. However, people have some misconceptions about this industry. If you are an aspiring musician, then you should be aware of the myths about this industry.

1. If you produce great music, the audience will automatically accept it.

This belief is a myth. Though audiences are likely to listen to good music, with so many songs being released every day, your music may not reach the right audience if you don’t promote it well. You must choose a good recording company to release your music and reach the mainstream audience. You can also use YouTube to promote your music.

2. You must have an agent in order to be a successful musician

An agent can only help you; they cannot guarantee your success.  They can help in negotiating deals. But you need to showcase your talent and attract the audiences through your music. So, you need to do the hard work, instead of relying on the agent.

3. A ‘poor man’s copyright’ will protect you in case of copyright issues.

Federal Registration is not required in the US for copyright protection. So, many artists don’t register. They use the federal postmark and send a letter to themselves mentioning their ownership of the music. However, if anyone copies your music and you want to take that person to the court, then your ‘poor man’s copyright’ won’t protect you. You need federal registration.

4. Once you get a record deal, you shouldn’t worry anymore.

If you think that you will be successful and start earning money once you get a record deal, then you are wrong. There are too many people out there with a record deal waiting to make money. Only 10% of them will actually start earning money and become successful. So, you should be better at communicating and find a way to stand out from the others.

The luxury and glamour of this industry has resulted in these myths and these can misguide an aspiring musician. It is now time to crush these myths and understand what the real music industry is like. The truth will help you to become successful in this industry.

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