Top 4 myths about the music industry

Making music has become very easy as things needed to record music is now readily available. Independent artists can write a song, record the song and promote it online. You will see many new musicians are becoming very successful this way. However, people have some misconceptions about this industry. If you are an aspiring musician, then you should be aware of the myths about this industry.

1. If you produce great music, the audience will automatically accept it.

This belief is a myth. Though audiences are likely to listen to good music, with so many songs being released every day, your music may not reach the right audience if you don’t promote it well. You must choose a good recording company to release your music and reach the mainstream audience. You can also use YouTube to promote your music.

2. You must have an agent in order to be a successful musician

An agent can only help you; they cannot guarantee your success.  They can help in negotiating deals. But you need to showcase your talent and attract the audiences through your music. So, you need to do the hard work, instead of relying on the agent.

3. A ‘poor man’s copyright’ will protect you in case of copyright issues.

Federal Registration is not required in the US for copyright protection. So, many artists don’t register. They use the federal postmark and send a letter to themselves mentioning their ownership of the music. However, if anyone copies your music and you want to take that person to the court, then your ‘poor man’s copyright’ won’t protect you. You need federal registration.

4. Once you get a record deal, you shouldn’t worry anymore.

If you think that you will be successful and start earning money once you get a record deal, then you are wrong. There are too many people out there with a record deal waiting to make money. Only 10% of them will actually start earning money and become successful. So, you should be better at communicating and find a way to stand out from the others.

The luxury and glamour of this industry has resulted in these myths and these can misguide an aspiring musician. It is now time to crush these myths and understand what the real music industry is like. The truth will help you to become successful in this industry.

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