Pros and Cons of Making Your Own Guitar

If you like playing the guitar, then you might have come across the thought of building your own guitar. I did this weekend when I was checking out a DIY woodworking blog. This will be an awesome project to work on and can provide you with the learning experience.

If you are thinking about a DIY guitar, then I present to you some of the pros and cons you need to consider before trying out such a cool project:

Pros of Making Your Own Guitar

It is definitely not an easy project, however, most musicians and luthier beginners believe that the benefits outweigh the challenges


  • Customization


Building your own guitars allows you to specify every element from the tailpiece to the tuners. Every design and component element is up to you. From the wiring and pickups to the woods and its body shape— your DIY guitar will be one-of-a-kind- an instrument that will be the centerpiece of your guitar collection.


  • Rewarding Hobby


Once you get to it, building guitars can be a great hobby. Your first DIY guitar might be challenging than you have bargained for. You keep on making mistakes, frustrations never leaves you and sometimes you might need to start all over again on some steps. After building your first guitar, however, it all gets easier and you feel more rewarding after building more.


  • Learning Experience


When you start from scratch and go through the entire process of building and designing a guitar, you get to learn a lot about guitars. Every element can affect the playability and final sound and this can provide you with more understanding that can make you a better player.

Cons of Making Your Own Guitar

Building and designing your own guitar is full of challenges. However, these challenges can be less daunting if you already know what to expect.


  • Cost


If you think that you will be saving more money if you build your own guitar, then you are wrong. You will probably be relieved of that notion before you even begin. Hardware, electronics, and wood all add up and you will likely need to invest in new tools.


  • Learning Curve


Do not expect to build a masterpiece right out of the box. Your first guitar build can contain countless small details that can be easily overlooked. Errors will always appear and the can be frustrating as well as costly.


  • Time


A DIY guitar is not an afternoon project in which you can finish it all before bedtime. It requires a lot, LOT of patience. Looking and acquiring parts can take time. Cutting, routing, drilling, gluing and sanding takes a lot of time and effort as well. Wood stains and paint take time to apply and dry, and you will need multiple coats.

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